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Pathway pairs (A, B) where A activates B and A inhibits B using the same protein

Pathway pairsProteins
1mTOR signaling pathway  Hippo signaling pathway Mtor
2NF-kappa B signaling pathway  Jak-STAT signaling pathway STAT3,TRAF6
3NF-kappa B signaling pathway  HIF-1 signaling pathway HIF1A
4HIF-1 signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway APC,HIF1A
5HIF-1 signaling pathway  Estrogen signaling pathway HIF1A,ESR1
6HIF-1 signaling pathway  Notch signaling pathway NOTCH1,HIF1A
7TNF signaling pathway  HIF-1 signaling pathway TNF,HIF1A
8Insulin signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway CTNNB1
9Adipocytokine signaling pathway  Insulin signaling pathway LEP
10Hippo signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway YAP1,DVL1,DVL2,CTNNB1,DVL3,WWTR1
11TGF-beta signaling pathway  Melanogenesis TYR
12Adherens junction  Hippo signaling pathway yki
13Notch signaling pathway  VEGF signaling pathway FLT1
14Wnt signaling pathway  HIF-1 signaling pathway CTNNB1
15Estrogen signaling pathway  Notch signaling pathway NOTCH1
16MAPK signaling pathway  Melanogenesis MAPK3,MITF
17GnRH signaling pathway  Apoptosis CASP3

Pathway pairs (A, B) where A activates B and B activates A using the same protein

Pathway pairsProteins
1Adherens junction  mTOR signaling pathway MTOR
2Notch signaling pathway  VEGF signaling pathway DLL4
3TNF signaling pathway  Toll-like receptor signaling pathway TNF
4Notch signaling pathway  Toll-like receptor signaling pathway Tlr5
5Hedgehog signaling pathway  NF-kappa B signaling pathway SHH
6NF-kappa B signaling pathway  TNF signaling pathway Rela
7HIF-1 signaling pathway  NF-kappa B signaling pathway HIF1A
8HIF-1 signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway HIF1A
9Estrogen signaling pathway  HIF-1 signaling pathway ESR1,HIF1A
10HIF-1 signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway TGFB1,HIF1A
11Melanogenesis  Wnt signaling pathway CTNNB1
12Estrogen signaling pathway  TNF signaling pathway TNF,ESR1
13Insulin signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway Lrp6,Lrp5,Gcgr
14Adipocytokine signaling pathway  Insulin signaling pathway IGF1
15Hippo signaling pathway  Insulin signaling pathway yki
16Adipocytokine signaling pathway  Estrogen signaling pathway LEPR,ESR1
17Estrogen signaling pathway  Hedgehog signaling pathway SHH,ESR1
18Jak-STAT signaling pathway  Notch signaling pathway STAT3
19Thyroid hormone synthesis  Wnt signaling pathway CTNNB1
20Hippo signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway YAP1
21Adherens junction  Hippo signaling pathway YAP1
22ErbB signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway TGFB1
23Notch signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway HES1,SMAD3
24Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation  Prolactin signaling pathway Pgr,Stat5a
25MAPK signaling pathway  Prolactin signaling pathway Prl
26Estrogen signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway ESR1

Pathway pairs (A, B) where A activates B and B inhibits A using the same protein

Pathway pairsProteins
1Notch signaling pathway  VEGF signaling pathway VEGFA
2Jak-STAT signaling pathway  Toll-like receptor signaling pathway TLR4
3NF-kappa B signaling pathway  VEGF signaling pathway VEGFA
4Jak-STAT signaling pathway  NF-kappa B signaling pathway STAT3
5HIF-1 signaling pathway  NF-kappa B signaling pathway HIF1A
6HIF-1 signaling pathway  Hippo signaling pathway TAZ,HIF1A
7HIF-1 signaling pathway  Notch signaling pathway NOTCH1,HIF1A
8NF-kappa B signaling pathway  TNF signaling pathway RELA
9Insulin signaling pathway  mTOR signaling pathway RPS6KB1
10Hedgehog signaling pathway  Insulin signaling pathway SHH
11Hedgehog signaling pathway  Hippo signaling pathway YAP1
12Insulin signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway IGFBP3,TGFB1
13GnRH signaling pathway  TGF-beta signaling pathway GNRH1
14ErbB signaling pathway  Notch signaling pathway EGFR,ERBB2,NOTCH1
15HIF-1 signaling pathway  Wnt signaling pathway HIF1A
16Estrogen signaling pathway  HIF-1 signaling pathway ESR1,HIF1A
17Estrogen signaling pathway  Hippo signaling pathway YAP1
18ErbB signaling pathway  Hippo signaling pathway YAP1